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Peter Vincent
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Peter Vincent
PB: David Tennant {Icons}
Canon: Fright Night (2011), post movie
Current RPGs:
Player: Tayber | [info]tayberhecate
Age: 27 | Timezone: PST
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Disclaimer: Not mine. Some info listed on profile is player's interpretation. Specifics subject to change as per RPG.
FULL NAME: Peter Vincent
NICKNAMES: Pete (Really only Ginger calls him that though)
RACE: Human
AGE/DoB: 40 (April 18, 1971)
PLAYLIST: Don't Want to be a Man Like Me
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Good/Neutral; Heaven; Good guys

SEXUALITY: Bisexual, Shipping Profile and Policy
BIRTHPLACE: Rochester, England
PREVIOUS RESIDENCES: London. New York City. Has traveled worldwide.
OCCUPATION: Stage Illusionist, Occultist, (prev. Library Assistant)
LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, scraps of other languages (he's traveled extensively and works with old texts in long forgotten tongues a lot)

~ Ambidextrous. Variety of dexterity-based skills - prestidigitation, contact juggling, pocket-picking, and other sleight-of-hand.
~ Theatrical stage illusions, large and small scale, some pyrotechnics
~ Lock picking and other escapology; knife throwing
~ World renowned expertise in the occult, particularly in vampire lore and Kabbalah

HAIR: brunette, often loose and messy
FACE: Extremely expressive, faded freckles, slightly crooked nose, delicate features, clean shaven or light stubble, usually no sideburns
EYES: Large, brown, wears dark eyeliner
HEIGHT: 6'1", looks even taller in his favourite high-heeled boots
BUILD: Long-limbed and skinny like a twig
VOICE: London accent, very vocal and very musical
NOTABLE FEATURES: Extremely expressive face, appendectomy scar, scar along his lower spine (spinal surgery from a few years ago).
FASHION: Peter's closet is full of expensive clothes, often in a gothic styling. He see-saws between classy, tacky, and practical clothes, depending on his mood and needs. He likes leather, silk, and other expensive and ridiculously frivolous fabrics, but will also wear cotton and jeans and other comfortable, durable clothing. He has an assortment of three necklaces that he tends to wear all the time, on and off stage. Occasionally he has his nails painted black. Peter plays everything up extra gothic for his show, complete with wig, fake facial hair, fake tattoos, fake piercings, lethally tight leather pants, and extravagant leather longcoat.

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He's the master of dark forces. He studies vampire methodology, man. I mean what else do you need?

Personal History
Peter was born and raised in England. He grew up a happy, average little boy; intelligent, friendly, a bit excitable. His parents were good, loving people. But this happy time in Peter’s life didn’t last long at all. Shortly before his ninth birthday, a new neighbor moved in. During a meet-and-greet with the neighborhood, little Peter was wandering around the man’s house and stumbled across a room filled with strange, creepy objects. On the wall was a very distinctive tapestry with a large coat-of-arms on it. Afraid of the new neighbor, Peter tried to tell his parents about the weird things he’d found, and about the bad vibe he was getting, but they gently brushed it off as a child’s imagination.

Unfortunately for Peter, his frightened pleas did garner some attention - from the vampire he’d been so afraid of. A few nights later, having been invited to come over, the monster came to the Vincent household and attacked. Peter’s father tried to hold off the monster, but was not a great shot - not that a gun would do much anyways. Little Peter was shoved to the back of a closet upstairs by his mother to hide him. He stayed there, listening as the vampire took his time slowly shredding his parents apart.

Peter claims the only reason he survived the attack was by remaining hidden, although it’s found out later on that the vampire knew very well that he was there - how could he not, with a vampire’s enhanced hearing and sense of smell? The monster let him get away alive. After two or three days - time was hard to judge - the murders were finally discovered, and little Peter, traumatized and weak, was found, still curled up in the back of the closet.

After his parents’ deaths, Peter moved to London to stay with an uncle who had little patience for nonsense and a great deal of tolerance for a grieving, traumatized nine-year-old. Peter’s uncle provided the calm and stability he needed after the trauma of witnessing his family‘s brutal murder. At the same time, he brushed off Peter’s concerns about monsters in the dark, dismissing them as nightmares caused by the terrible ordeal his nephew had gone through. When Peter’s nightmares and fears would not be soothed, and he would not cease insisting that a vampire had murdered his parents, his uncle took him to see a psychiatrist.

What the vampire’s attack started, the doctors fucked up even more. Peter was in and out of the psyche ward for the next few years, being treated and drugged up for what the doctors saw as delusions, along with depression, anxiety, survivor’s guilt, paranoia, the list went on and on. Peter’s social and school life (when he wasn’t in the hospital) also suffered. Not too many kids wanted much to do with the mad boy who claimed his parents had been eaten by a monster after all. Between the haze of psychiatric drugs and treatment and being unable to find anyone willing to believe him, Peter became cynical and closed off. He began to doubt himself - had he really seen a vampire, or was it just an ordinary man who killed his parents? After all, everyone told him he was wrong, that vampires couldn’t possibly be real.

Now growing into his teenage years, Peter dove into extensive personal research into the occult, seeking the truth. Slowly, with all the persuasion from all sides, Peter began to slip into denial, trying to convince himself that what he had seen that night was just a nightmarish explanation his childhood mind came up with. After all, surely it was easier for a child to see made up monsters than realize how evil and cruel everyday people could be. Deep down inside, though, he always knew they were wrong. He knew what he had seen, and still held onto this unspoken fear that the monster would return for him one day. It was just easier to lie, to himself and everyone else, and half convince himself that vampires were not real.

Still, his interest in magic and shadows continued, and he expanded his studies further. He also started collecting artifacts, texts, and weaponry, just in case - though at this point, in the beginning stages of study, it was largely “gateway stuff” - tarot cards, ouija boards, other small, tinkery magick paraphernalia. As time passed this would expand into a very impressive private collection.

He found his first love when he began to turn his attention from the occult to stage magic. He quickly discovered he had a talent for it and never looked back, devoting so much time to mastering this craft that his schoolwork suffered for it - with the exception of drama classes. At the same time, he began lashing out, engaging in all manner of outrageous and unacceptable behavior - anything he could do to get attention from people, Peter went for it. Drinking, smoking, sex, petty crime... They all whispered behind their hands about him already as it was, he figured he might as well give them something to fucking talk about. He'd try anything that made him focus on the here and now, anything that gave him a rush and made him feel alive and awake and made people see him, rather than write him off as the mad vampire boy.

Peter barely managed to scrape by enough to finish school. Around the end of the 80s, as soon as he was of age, Peter moved out of his uncle’s house and headed for America and the New York artist scene. He stayed there for the next several years, busking, working odd jobs, continuing to study both theater and the occult, performing small shows and doing auditions and waiting to be discovered. He was a hard worker though, underneath all the mess, and he lucked out finding work as a library assistant, which both supported him and gave him access to more material for his private research.

He even eventually found an even better job, working as a librarian for a private collector who took an interest in Peter's intelligence and his studies, an older mythology professor who worked at one of the universities. Even though Peter could never truly find it in himself at the time to rely on or trust him, the professor took a shine to Peter, acting as his mentor. He found subtle ways to encourage Peter's dream of becoming a stage magician, push him through his private studies, and try to keep him out of trouble. It was thanks to him that Peter started to get notice from the academic and occult community for his insight and mastery of vampire lore and other supernatural studies.

Even with his long term goals, Peter was still lost, still trying to force himself to feel alive, to deal with his problems the only way he knew how - by being self-destructive. Through his twenties, when he wasn’t studying or working or performing, he was partying. He was sleeping around, getting into trouble, and experimenting with drugs and sex. While he never completely collapsed into addiction, he came very close. But as time passed, his illusionist career began to really pick up speed, and Peter made the effort to quit the drugs. It was a struggle, and he began drinking more heavily to compensate, but by the time he was 30 he was clean of most other drugs.

Finally things were starting to go Peter's way. He had gained enough of a reputation as a magician to have his own theatrical illusionist production called Vampyric, which proceeded to tour around the world. Between his obvious talent on stage, his quirky, irreverently melodramatic persona, his vast knowledge of the occult, and his eccentric, party boy nature, Peter’s fame was spreading. The media adored him. He was becoming a household name - Peter Vincent, Master of Dark Forces. Near the end of the tour, Peter was approached by the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas to headline, and so he began work on a new show, which he called Fright Night. It, like Vampyric, presented Peter as a courageous vampire killer, strong, capable, fearless… all the things Peter wished he could be, but knew he really wasn’t. Still, it was nice to at least pretend.

During the show’s early years that he met a young woman in Vegas, there on vacation with friends. Peter was about 37 at this point, and still the ridiculous party boy manwhore. He turned his charm on her only to get shot down flat. She intrigued him, and he kept trying until finally she agreed to have drinks with him. He learned that she was an aspiring performer, and that she had a good head for business - an aspect of working in Vegas that he was struggling with at the time. Best of all, she didn’t take his crap, was not in awe of his fame, was not too intimidated to challenge him. Ginger was everything he was looking for in a partner for the show, his lovely assistant onstage and his personal assistant and girlfriend off.

Within a few months, they were living together. They also had a venomous, angry, bickering, passionate, I-Hate-You-I-Love-You relationship. It was perhaps not the healthiest or most constructive of relationships, but it worked for them, and beneath all the barbs and snark, they did care about each other. She came to know him better than anyone else, understood him as much as anyone could. In time, he even told her some about his parents’ murder and all the shit that followed. She might not have believed in vampires, but she didn’t think he was crazy and she stood by him.

And so for a few years, Peter fell into a routine. He had his show, a hot, angry girlfriend, and more money than he knew what to do with. He even had his own penthouse suite in the Hard Rock, with enough space to create an impressive showroom for all the occult artifacts and antiques he had collected over the years. He still had all his emotional baggage and issues, but there was time and distance to keep it at bay, and when that wasn’t enough, he always had copious amounts of alcohol to do the job for him.

Then one day, a teenager named Charley Brewster snuck into the Fright Night rehearsal, pretending to be a news reporter. He came to ask for Peter’s help, explaining that a vampire called Jerry had just moved in next door and was killing his friends. Peter tried to brush him off, but then Charley started pulling out pictures. Peter didn’t want to see them. He didn’t want to think that he may have really been right, all those years ago, that vampires might just be real. He had Charley thrown out, and tried to carry on as normal, but he couldn’t stop thinking about it. Charley had seemed so sincere, so out of his depth, his eyes so honest…

After hours of brooding and thinking and drinking, Peter finally took a glance at the pictures Charley had left. One was of a tapestry, with a strange crest that looked awfully familiar. In fact, it was a perfect match for the one Peter had seen in the vampire’s possession as a child. He really hated playing hero, but he called Charley anyways, offering his help. Charley showed up a little later, his pretty blonde girlfriend Amy in tow. Peter told them what he knew about the vampire, making it as clear as possible that he was NOT going to help them kill it, and that they would be stupid to even try. Their conversation was interrupted by a phone call, a delivery for Peter. He invited them up, only to realize minutes later that he’d been tricked into inviting a vampire into his home - Charley’s friend Ed, who’d been turned by Jerry. Ginger was killed by Ed on his way in.

Peter quickly locked himself in his panic room, and watched on the monitors as Charley and Amy fought off Ed and Jerry. He also saw Ginger's mutilated corpse laying in the front room. Charley managed to kill Ed, and Amy wounded Jerry with holy water, giving them enough time to try and escape downstairs. Jerry followed. Peter stayed hidden for over an hour, listening intently for any sounds in the apartment, since he couldn’t see the vampires on the screen, and watching Ginger’s body, wondering if she’d been turned, if he would have to get a stake and kill her before she could kill him.

Once he was sure that there weren’t anymore vampires in his apartment, Peter came out of his hiding place and started packing to leave town. Just before he was about to go, Charley showed up. He was alright, but Jerry had taken Amy. Charley intended to go after them and put a stop to this, and demanded Peter’s help.

Peter refused. He explained about his parents, and told Charley that he should just run, but Charley was adamant that he had to save Amy. Peter gave him a special stake, blessed by Saint Michael, that would supposedly turn a vampire’s victims human again. He also suggested lighting the vampire on fire as a distraction. Charley went off, leaving Peter to mull over his accusations. “I don’t want to live until tomorrow if you’re the kind of man I’m going to be,” Charley had told him. It stuck in Peter’s mind, and eventually, after another several rounds of Midori, Peter armed himself to the teeth and followed after Charley. He found Charley already inside Jerry‘s house, and they descended into the vampire’s lair.

They never saw him coming. Jerry locked Charley into a room with a newly turned Amy, then turned his attention to Peter. And Peter found himself face to face with the very monster who had killed his parents. Jerry taunted him, cooing over how grown up Peter was, and backed him up straight into a nest full of all the other young vampires that Jerry had been turning. Drunk and alone, Peter was too easy for a dozen hungry young vamps to take down, feeding off of him.

Charley burst in and saved him from the swarm, shooting holes in the ceiling to give them a patch of sunlight to take shelter in. Jerry, Amy, and all his other children prowled in the shadows, waiting. Peter was starting to turn too, his skin starting to smoke in the sun. Then Charley implemented his final plan, lighting himself on fire and tackling Jerry. He managed to stake the vampire with St. Michael’s stake, turning Peter, Amy, and all the others human again as Jerry died.

After the battle, as Jerry had blown up Charley’s house, Peter invited him and his mother Jane to stay with him for a while until they got themselves sorted. He wasn’t sure what to feel at first. The monster who’d murdered his parents was dead, unable to hurt him anymore. He’d discovered that he could potentially be the hero he’d always liked to imagine himself being. And he had found a new lifelong friend and inspiration in Charley. But Ginger was dead, and he had a whole fresh set of traumatic memories stirring up the old ones, old wounds scratched open again. He’d realized that he couldn’t continue hiding and lying to himself, that he could and should be a better man than he was. He knew it wouldn’t be easy. But he was now, at the very least, determined to try.

Look, if you wanna be a dead hero, good for you. I'm out. You think I'm a coward. I'm not. I'm a realist.
DEMEANOR: Usually at least a little tipsy if not all out drunk. He tends to look rumpled and a bit tired, movement is sort of loose and carelessly graceful. No sense of modesty at all; perfectly comfortable half-clothed, sprawling/lounging around, adjusting his privates in front of people, etc.

QUIRKS AND NERVOUS HABITS: Alcoholic. Talks in his sleep. Bit of an insomniac/night owl. Speaks a blend of British and American vocabulary, and ridiculously foul language. Very tactile person, quick and free with physical affection, to the point where he is overly familiar with people. Don't even get me started on the oral fixation.

SELF-DESTRUCTIVE HABITS: Really bad at looking after his health. Peter is an alcoholic, smoker, and used to experiment with assorted drugs (though he's been clean for a bit over ten years). He doesn't eat nearly as often or as much as he should. He has a history of being a slut and tends to push people away at slightest hints of rejection - why invest any time? He also struggles a lot with himself, his mind tearing itself to shreds because he's often caught between the things he knows and his gut emotional responses.

POSITIVE TRAITS: Unintentionally generous - has no qualms buying expensive gifts or paying for things for people he likes on a whim. Intelligent - makes a point to be thorough in his research, thinking critically rather than simply accepting what he's told or working on assumptions only. Those that earn his trust, he is extremely loyal to - but he expects loyalty in return.

LIKES: Midori, stage magic & sleight-of-hand, not dying, the occult and supernatural, sleeping around, heights, a good view, sweets and sweet things, coffee, theatre and performing arts, melodramatics and gaudy over-the-top things, being drunk, reading, eBay, antiques, folklore, history
DISLIKES: Vampires (to the point of all-out phobia), minigolf, sushi, psychiatrists and therapists, risking his life, red wine, most beers, horses, wasting his time working for things that don't pan out, remembering his past, gambling, eBay, housework, cooking, being considered a role model - ESPECIALLY a father figure

SECRET DESIRES: To find some peace with himself. To be braver and stronger. To not be so entirely fucked up. To feel loved, and have a family again.
DEEPEST FEARS: Vampires, becoming a vampire. That he might truly be crazy. Being held as a role model. That he can't become a better man after all. That he is beyond saving. Being separated from people he loves.

TURN-ONS: Stage performance, his own or others. Blunt honesty; fiery, stubborn, argumentative types that won't let him walk all over them. Hot ass and legs. Curly-haired geeks.
TURN-OFFS: Biting - just don't. At all. Vampires in general. He gets easily bored with people using sex to try to impress him or gain favors.

Peter is a bit of a mess in every way. At first glance, he seems shallow, vain, promiscuous, slightly pathetic, and, quite frankly, like an alcoholic asshole. He is expressive and mood-swingy and wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s VERY mercurial. One moment, he will be friendly, good-humoured, and rather bluntly flirtatious, albeit crass and rude. The next he might become stand-offish, preferring to be left alone. Other times, he might be morose and despondent, caught up in his personal issues. He is given to excesses - when he gets emotional, he's not great at concealing it or keeping control over it. When he wants to know something, he will go to great lengths to research it as thoroughly as possible, and then some. Since making it big as a magician, he has more money than he knows what to do with, so he blows cash on anything that takes his fancy and thinks nothing of buying spontaneous and/or expensive gifts for people he likes.

Whether his mood is high or low, Peter is drunk more often than not. He's not completely lost to the bottle, but he does generally feel more comfortable with a drink in hand. He also has a well-earned reputation for being a slut, flirting heavily with just about everyone, making lewd comments, and is not above bragging rather crudely about people he's fucked. His blunt honesty paired with his foul mouth means he often comes across as harsh. He can be quite shameless; he doesn't seem to care if his lusty, drunken, immodest behavior shocks or offends people. He doesn't mean any harm by it; he's not cruel. He is, however, unapologetic for the most part unless you're someone he really cares about.

Despite the shallow exterior and lack of formal education, he’s very intelligent. He is primarily self-taught, and is considered the lead expert on the occult by scholars - especially on the subject of vampires. He uses his extensive knowledge of the supernatural as a backdrop for his theatrical magic show. The show is completely melodramatic, with extravagant gothic costumes, over the top sets, cheesy dramatic music, and just a generally ridiculous air. He loves it all. It’s his baby, even though he fully acknowledges that it’s all a load of bullshit. He finds it comforting, a whimsical fantasy that he can slip into where he has a sense of control - something that has eluded him in real life for ages.

When it comes to real vampires though, Peter is far more likely to run away screaming than stand and fight. He claims that rather than being a coward, he is simply a realist, but this is more something he told himself to try and excuse his actions. His fears and flaws are not unfounded. As a child, he witnessed his parents' brutal murder by a vampire. This already traumatic experience paired with the subsequent assumption that he was either lying or delusional has basically screwed him over for life. He has a severe phobia of vampires which he tends to let control him, as well as issues with anxiety, occasional bouts of depression, and survivor's guilt. All of these factors have contributed to his habitual passive aggressive self-destruction - not eating or sleeping well, smoking, pushing people away, and most of all, near-constant drinking.

Despite tending to be a friendly and very social creature, Peter conceals a great deal of loneliness and discontent with himself. The idea that no one wants to or should have to help him deal with his personal problems has been deeply rooted into his psyche for most of his life. While he is often drowning in his assorted issues and regrets, and is desperate for someone to help him, he can't shake the thought that he should be able to deal with it himself, that maybe he doesn't deserve to be helped. He struggles with trust - he inevitably trusts far too much, latching onto people and heavily emotionally relying on them, or far too little, holding people at arms length and not believing that they might want to care for him or be able or willing to help him.

For most of Peter's life, he has been on his own. From a young age he was forced into dealing with his traumas largely by himself simply because no one ever believed him, and therefore simply could not understand. As a result, when faced with danger, his first instinct is towards self-preservation, to bow out and run for the hills; every man for himself. However, despite all the issues and flaws and every instinct screaming at him to save himself, his conscience gets the better of him. Peter has a strong desire to improve, to be better than he is and overcome his weaknesses. He wants people in his life that he can rely on, and he can rely on in turn. So even though it is an immense struggle for him personally, he will fight past his fears (aided by a fuck ton of alcohol) to follow his friends into mortal danger if he thinks he can help. He’ll probably be shaking and whining and hiding behind them the whole way, but he’ll come.

Peter is very self-aware when it comes to most of his flaws, which in itself becomes the one flaw he can't even see. He has incredible difficulty trusting any positive views of him beyond appreciation for the superficial, rakish, playboy magician image he fostered for himself. He knows that he's edging into full-blown alcoholism, and that he can be a coward in every sense of the word (which he tries to deny at first, calling himself a realist, before Charley snarks some sense into him). He knows full well that he is not really the brave and strong protector of humanity he presents himself as in his show. He knows that that portrayal is naive and idealistic and would likely end up getting him killed in the real world. But he is at a point in his life where he has found the motivation to at least attempt to be that person, to try and face his demons, stand tall and fight. Whether he is strong enough to follow through is up for debate.
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